Our story

Tuffi is the name of a 3 years young elephant who in 1950 was uploaded to top-suspended monorailway in the German city of Wuppertal to highlight the reliability of this special way of public transportation and the circus that Tuffi lived at. The elephant panicked, ran in a door and jumped down 25 feet into Wupper river, which miraculously only caused him small wounds.

Almost 50 years later in 2000, Tuffi Shop, our clothing, footwear and accessories store was born as a tribute to that hard and resistant elephant and with the goal to offer our customers high quality products from unique, robust and original brands, such as the elephant who served us a reference.

Following in the footsteps of this inspiring pachyderm, Tuffi Shop invites you to dive into urban fashion, offering an exclusive selection of pants, jackets, t-shirts, shoes, accessories and more from selected brands like the international streetwear reference Carhartt Work in Progess (WIP) as well as Brixton, Converse, Levi’s, Deus Ex Machina, Loreak Mendian, Penfield, Red Wing and many more.

Almost 17 years deep in existence Tuffi Shop is constantly evolving. Like you our team has permanent brand favourites, but is always on the lookout to add new garments and footwear to it. For you, dear friend and visitor, this means that there’s always a reliable set of timeless basics to be found that is surrounded by a great selection of fashion freshness from all over the world.